How to keep your car looking brand new - A guide using 303 products - 303 Car Care

How to keep your car looking brand new - A guide using 303 products

Every car owner loves their car to be gleaming and enjoys that fresh out the showroom feeling. Detailing enthusiasts know this can be achieved through regular care and maintenance, and putting the effort in isn’t just for aesthetics. Proper car care can extend the lifespan of your vehicle and maintain resale value.

In this quick guide we’re going to take you through a process of detailing your car using 303 products.

Introduction to good car washing

Starting with a deep wash is crucial to not only making your car look good, it’s also a vital preparation step to applying waxes and protectants.

The benefits of regular car washing include:

  • Protection against contaminants such as road sale and bird droppings
  • Preservation of paintwork when exposed to UV rays and road grime
  • Improve safety through clean mirrors, headlights and windscreens
  • Boost fuel efficiency as dirt and grime can create drag
  • Extend lifespan of the vehicle by preventing rust and corrosion
  • Lift your own mood as a clean car makes you feel good

Choosing the right car wash products

Unfortunately not all car wash shampoos are created equal. A number of products on the market can be harsh on the paintwork.

303 Ultra Concentrated Car Wash is gentle whilst highly effective at lifting off dirt and grime. Making sure your car isn’t only clean, but also well protected.

The hand wash technique

Washing by hand ensures you can give all parts of your car the attention it deserves. With the 303 car wash shampoo you can feel the product working and gliding over the surface. Handwashing also allows you to identify imperfections or stubborn dirt that you can work on later.

Dive into paint protection

Now you’ve created a sparkly clean base you want to to focus on keeping it that way for as long as possible. Adding paintwork protection not only adds deep shine but also creates a shield that will protect your car from outside elements. It will also make regular car washing much easier. 

Why car wax?

Car waxes will shield your car from contaminants such as UV rays, road grime and even prevent minor scratches. 303 Touchless Sealant not only does this but will also give your car a deep shine with minimal effort. You don’t need to spend hours buffing your car wax and it’s long lasting so you don’t need to be constantly applying it.

Touchless Sealant will also mimic the benefits of a ceramic coating. It provides durable protection and an enviable shine.  

The interior counts too

Seasoned detailers know the interior is just as important but it can often be overlooked. It’s where you spend hours behind the wheel and what you look at on every journey. It deserves just as much attention as the outside, if not more. 

Start with a vacuum

Always start an interior clean with a thorough vacuum. Get into all the crevices, under the seats and even the boot. You want to remove as much grit and dirt as possible to ensure they don’t become abrasive when applying additional products.

Dashboard and plastics

Over time dashboards and other surfaces in your car can fade or become brittle, especially with extended exposure to direct sunlight. 303 Automotive Protectant offers UV protection, revitalises colour and keeps plastics looking brand new. 

Leather care

Your plush leather seats need regular care to avoid drying out and cracking. 303 Leather 3-in-1 Complete Care cleans, conditions and protects. Ensure your leather maintain their quality and comfort.

Adapting to the changing seasons

It’s important your adjust your car detailing to the changing seasons. The cold months bring road salt and grit, which can damage your paintwork and undercarriage. Regular car washing can ensure these contaminants are removed. The Summer sun is great for getting out for a long drive but direct sunlight can fade paintwork and plastics. Using a protectant on all exposed surfaces will help repel these effects and ensure your car stays looking fresh in the harshest sunlight.

To conclude

Car care is an ongoing commitment. Your vehicle needs regular attention using the right products. With 303 car products, you’re armed with some of the best tools around, no matter if you’re a seasoned detailer or just wanting to give your car a quick clean.
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