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303 Automotive Protectant (16oz/ 25 Wipes)

303 Automotive Protectant (16oz/ 25 Wipes)

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  • Repels Dust, Lint, and Staining
  • Leaves A Dry, Matte Finish
  • Provides Superior UV Protection For Any Rubber, Vinyl, and Plastic Surfaces Of Your Vehicle
  • Keeps Surfaces Looking New and Lasting Longer
  • Brightens Surfaces and Prevents Cracking and Fading
  • No Oily or Greasy Feel


Originally engineered for aerospace and aviation applications, 303 Automotive Protectant provides superior UV protection for any rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces of your vehicle, such as your dashboard, windshield wiper blades, and even your tires. Unlike many protectants that leave greasy residues, 303 Automotive Protectant dries to a clear, matte finish without that sticky, shiny slick feeling. 303 Automotive Protectant not only protects against fading, discoloration and cracking from harmful UV rays, but repels dust and stains, too. Simply spray on and wipe dry for a beautiful, matte finish. Best of all, each application will last up to 30-45 days. Great for use on a variety of surfaces such as: vinyl, plastics, synthetic & natural rubber, leather, PVC, gel coat & fiberglass. Ideal for use on your dashboard, other vinyl/leather interior surfaces of your car, tires, windshield wiper blades and more! Not for use on unfinished leathers (such as suede), fabrics (canvas), floorings, clear plastics, gauge panels, or headlights.

Additional Information

Step One
Make sure surface is clean and dry before using.

Step Two
Spray product directly onto surface, or spray onto microfiber towel to apply.

Step Three
Wipe dry with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Use a wet towel to remove any excess.

Step Four
Evaluate your results. Extra buffing may be required for optimal results.

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