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Top winter car care tips with 303 & Stab-Bil

As the Autumn and Winter chill approaches conscientious car owners will turn their attention to the challenges this causes to their vehicles. Continuing your car care into the Winter not only maintains reliability, it can also expand the life of your vehicle.

No matter if you’re a car enthusiast or just a daily commuter, taking proactive steps to care for your car during the Winter is essential.

We’ve put together a list of top winter car care tips all of which can be boosted through the use of 303 and Sta-Bil products. Brands which are renowned in all parts of vehicle and engine maintenance.

Fuel stabilization

Freezing conditions can be bad news for fuel. It can cause it to break down, form varnish and potentially block or clog engine components. Sta-Bil fuel stabiliser is your trusted ally when it comes to preserving fuel and combating these challenges.

By preventing fuel deterioration through the Winter with Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer you will ensure your vehicle starts with ease even on the coldest mornings. Fuel lines and injectors are kept clear and fuel maintains integrity even after a period of storage.

The beauty is that using a fuel stabilizer is remarkably easy. Simply add the recommended amount to your fuel tank and run the engine to circulate it through the system. So whether you’re preparing a vehicle for winter storage or need an ultra reliable car in the Winter, you can experience uninterrupted performance.

Tire maintenance

Your tires are the first line of defence in the frost. Icy roads and hard Winter conditions will test your car's grip and 303 Tire Balm will assist in maintaining tire integrity and ensure your tires are up to the test.

303 Tire Balm is created to nourish and protect, but it also adds a deep and long lasting shine. However, there’s far more to this product than aesthetics. The powerful balm also guards against your tires cracking, fading and deteriorating when exposed to UV rays.

The application of 303 Tire Balm is straightforward. Simply clean your tires, allow them to dry and then evenly apply the balm. Then sit back for a short while and let your tire absorb the balm before hitting the road.

Fluid checks

Winter can impact many different components so it's crucial to maintain the overall health of your vehicle. Sta-Bil 360 is a dynamic solution that goes beyond just fuel stabilization, it provides an all around protective barrier for your engine.

As temperatures drop. Sta-Bil 360 can prevent fuel breakdown, safeguard against corrosion and neutralise the harmful effects of ethanol blended fuels. From fuel lines to injectors, Sta-Bil 360 keeps your engine running in peak condition.

This product also extends to providing anti-freeze protection to coolant and bolsters your engine’s defences against the extreme cold.

Apply an exterior sealant

Throughout the Winter your vehicle’s exterior faces a barrage of challenges, from freezing temperatures to snow and road salt. To counter this you want a premium solution to shield your vehicle from everything Winter can throw at it.

303 Touchless Sealant will form an impermeable barrier against the Winter. Simply spray it onto a washed vehicle and leave it to work it’s magic. The solution bonds to the surface to create a shield that will repel water, snow and road grime. These elements will mostly slide off and ensure your car remains untarnished.

The perfect thing about 303 Touchless Sealant is it’s touchless application, ideal for Winter days when traditional waxing is less appealing!

Empower your winter car care

By protecting your car with 303 and Sta-Bil products, you're not just protecting your vehicle, you’re boosting its performance, longevity and aesthetics. Winter isn’t just about maintaining the condition of your vehicle, it’s about protecting your investment and ensuring safety.

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