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STA-BIL SPORT Bike Cleaner & Protectant (10oz)

STA-BIL SPORT Bike Cleaner & Protectant (10oz)

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  • Keeps bikes looking like new
  • Cleans & shines
  • Protects bike from water, rust, corrosion, grit, and UV rays
  • Revives dull finishes
  • Works on metal, carbon fiber, rubber, plastic, paint, leather, and vinyl


Keep Your Bike Looking Like New
You love your bike — it’s an investment you want to last a long time. But exposure to damaging dirt, grit, water, dust, salt, and UV rays can cause poor performance, rust, corrosion, dulling and discoloration — all shortening its lifespan.

STA-BIL Sport Bike Cleaner and Protectant is engineered to keep bicycles looking showroom new. Exactly what you’d expect from the brand that for over 60 years has protected & preserved millions of vehicles, boats, and outdoor power equipment.

Cleans • Protects • Revives
Our specialized formula contains a powerful cleanser that quickly and easily removes the nasty dirt, grit, dust, and salt that can damage your bike —just spray on and wipe off. BONUS: It dries quickly, leaving a protectant shield that guards your bike from rust, corrosion, and UV RAYS. DOUBLE BONUS: It’ll even revive dull finishes on rubber, plastic, and carbon fiber surfaces.

So Simple and Versatile

Additional Information

Directions: Spray on soft towel and wipe all bike surfaces. For dirtier jobs or protection in nooks and crannies, spray directly on area and wipe off. Use on metal, carbon fiber, rubber, plastic, paints, and leather. Reapply every 5 weeks. Between applications, simply hose off excessive dirt, grit, or dust without worry of rust or corrosion. DO NOT USE ON BRAKE PADS.

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