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STA-BIL Pump Protector

STA-BIL Pump Protector

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  • Protects pressure washer pumps during storage
  • Protects pistons and seals from damage during storage for easy start ups
  • Can safely be drained from pressure washer when it is taken out of storage
  • Next generation anti-freeze & lubrication
  • Coats & protects internal components of pressure washer to prevent freezing in cold temperatures


Pressurized pump protector for short or long term pressure washer storage. Protects pistons and seals during storage, and keeps internal components lubricated.

Additional Information

How to Use:

Attach pump protector hose to the water inlet hookup.
Press down on can to dispense fluid.
Once liquid exits the pump, your pressure washer is protected.
Remove hose and store pressure washer.

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