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STA-BIL Diesel Winter 20oz / 32oz

STA-BIL Diesel Winter 20oz / 32oz

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  • Cleans & Lubes: Cleans and lubricates fuel injectors and pumps.
  • Diesel Compatibility: Effective in all diesel fuels, including bio-diesel.
  • Fast Starting: Ensures fast starts in freezing temperatures.
  • Corrosion Prevention: Removes water to prevent corrosion.
  • Freezing Prevention: Prevents gelled and frozen fuel lines and filters. Also protects against fuel filter icing.


Warm up your engine when in cold climates with a little bit of STA-BIL Diesel Winter. Diesel fuel gels at a much higher temperature than gasoline does and can put a damper on your day if you go out to crank up your ride and it doesn’t start. Don’t get caught in a situation that could have been prevented by adding a fuel additive. STA-BIL Winter was designed specifically with cold climates in mind. STAB-BIL's anti-gel works down to a chilly -40°F and lowers the cold filter plug point by 36°F. Meaning your fuel will stay flowing in even the coldest temperatures. Another great feature is how this product removes water in the system compared to the competition. STAB-BIL uses de-emulsification which means the water is pulled out of the fuel and separated while flowing in the fuel line making your vehicle's fuel water separators job much easier and functioning properly. Other additives use what is called dispersion. This means the water is combined with the fuel and burnt out through the injection system which can cause the fuel to not combust properly and promote corrosion in the fuel system. Plus, then the fuel water separator has a hard time picking up water out of the system. Last, but certainly, not least you also get the benefit of STAB-BIL's powerful injector cleaning detergents to make sure your fuel is always properly atomized. STA-BIL Winter is on guard 24/7, keeping you worry-free at every start.

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