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STA-BIL SPORT Bike Chain Cleaner and Lubricant (8oz)

STA-BIL SPORT Bike Chain Cleaner and Lubricant (8oz)

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  • Keeps Bikes Performing Like New
  • Prevents Rust
  • Also Works on Cables and Derailleurs
  • Cleans and Lubes in 1 Step
  • Premium Lubricant and is Biodegradable


Bicycle Maintenance Simplified

Keeping your bicycle in top riding condition is easier than ever, thanks to STA-BIL Bike Chain Cleaner and Lubricant. This premium lubricant works by penetrating deep into a bike’s chain, cables, and derailleurs with one easy-to-apply product. The formula works by loosening grime and reducing friction to drastically improve drivetrain performance in the most convenient way possible.

Easy Application for Instant Enhancements

STA-BIL Bike Chain Cleaner and Lubricant is best used by first removing dirt and grime from a bicycle’s chain with a clean rag. After prepping the chain, apply a thin layer of STA-BIL Bike Chain Cleaner and Lubricant while moving the pedal backward. This one-two system is all you need to remove old dirt and foreign substances from the chain and gears to enhance riding performance.

Get Back to Riding

Following application, STA-BIL Bike Chain Cleaner and Lubricant will proactively prevent rust from building on treated areas and limits corrosion build-up. Given its ease of use, this product is highly recommended for cyclists who want to extend their bikes’ lives in the most straightforward way possible. The next time you notice that your bicycle chain is dry or grimy, apply STA-BIL SPORT’s Bike Chain Cleaner and Lubricant to get back to the road ahead!

Additional Information

Directions: Apply generously while peddling backward, wipe chain clean with a rag. Leaves a thin, protective lube that resists dirt, grit, and rust. For dirtier chains, apply and wipe chain a second time.

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