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STA-BIL 2 Stroke / Cycle Oil 13oz

STA-BIL 2 Stroke / Cycle Oil 13oz

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  • Fully Synthetic, highly lubricating
  • Ashless – Burns clean, minimizes smoke
  • STA-BILizes fuel for 1 year
  • Increases performance and extends engine life
  • More cost effective than prepackaged fuel


Want your 2-stroke engine to run at peak performance? Look no further than the STA-BIL 2-Cycle Oil. Giving ultimate protection to vital engine components, by adding superior lubrication to your ethanol or non-ethanol gasoline.

Worried about smoke? No worries here, this ashless formula gives off little to no smoke and burns clean to minimize plug fouling, ring sticking, and port plugging.

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Great for any 2-stroke engine! Mowers, chainsaws, motorcycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles, and more.

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