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303 Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner (16oz/ 473ml)

303 Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner (16oz/ 473ml)

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  • Removes caked on dirt and brake dust
  • Safe for use on ALL wheels
  • Iron indicating
  • Non-corrosive and acid free
  • No overpowering odor


Do your wheels have caked on brake dust that you can’t seem to get rid of? Look no further than 303® Wheel Cleaner. This powerful formula is non-corrosive, acid free, and safe for use on ALL wheels. It also has no overpowering odor like many other wheel cleaners. This product is not only a great option for heavy duty wheel cleaning, but it also works great as a paint decontaminate to remove any embedded fallout from your vehicle’s paint, to prep it before correction and protection.

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