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303 Wheel & Tire Cleaner (15.5oz/ 440ml)

303 Wheel & Tire Cleaner (15.5oz/ 440ml)

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  • Foaming formula
  • Lifts dirt and debris to clean tire and wheels
  • Safe for use on ALL wheels
  • Non-corrosive and acid-free


    303® Wheel & Tire Cleaner did not compromise on the effectiveness with its versatility! Spray it onto your wheels and tires, and watch the dirt, debris, and road grime fall off your wheels & tires with the product’s foam onto the ground. The non-corrosive and acid-free formula is safe for use on ALL wheels. A one-stop shop for wheel & tire cleaning!


    Shake product well before using. For best results, use when tires and wheels are cool to the touch. Rinse wheel and tire with hose, then spray product on both, making sure to cover entire area. Let product sit for 2 minutes. For tires: use a hard bristled tire brush to agitate product on tire, to remove any dirt or browning on the tire’s rubber surface. Rinse thoroughly. For wheels: Use a wheel cleaning tool to clean and agitate product on wheel surface, then rinse wheel thoroughly. For both surfaces, if any residue remains, repeat the steps as necessary.

    Additional Information

    What can I use 303® Wheel & Tire Cleaner on?

    303® Wheel & Tire Cleaner is all wheel safe, meaning it can be used on any wheel finish without the worry of causing damage. It is also safe to use on tires or any other rubber surfaces.

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