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303 Spray & Rinse Ceramic Sealant (16oz)

303 Spray & Rinse Ceramic Sealant (16oz)

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  • Superior Water Beading
  • Easy to Use – Perfect as a top coat after washing
  • Long-Term Protection
  • Slick Glossy Finish


Get 6 months of ceramic protection in just minutes! 303 Spray & Rinse Ceramic Sealant is a water-activated SiO2 ceramic coating for cars. The spray on, rinse off application creates a long-lasting bond that is activated by the water hitting the surface. It will leave behind a deep glossy finish, that is slick to the touch. Spray & Rinse is also great to use on wheels. The activation method means you don’t have to get in all the tight spaces for a proper application. The easiest spray wax out there, it's the perfect addition to your car detailing or car wash kit. Just add it as the last step in your car wash routine to instantly get long-term protection and enhanced gloss and shine.

Our superior water-beading quick detailer spray is the ideal way to get the benefits of ceramic wax without having to put in a lot of work. After washing your car out of direct sunlight, simply spray our ceramic sealant onto the wet, cool exterior of your car in sections. Immediately rinse each section as you go, and witness the powerful water beading - that means that your paint is protected! After applying to the whole vehicle, simply dry with a clean microfiber or waffle weave towel and you're ready to go. Spray & Rinse Ceramic Sealant can also be used as a drying aid, and as a top coat for other existing coatings.

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