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303 Marine Graphene Nano Spray Coating (32oz/ 946ml)

303 Marine Graphene Nano Spray Coating (32oz/ 946ml)

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  • Enhances Shine and Depth
  • Ultimate Protection From High-Moisture Environments
  • Reduces Water Spotting On Finish
  • Can Be Applied In Direct Sunlight Without Causing Streaking
  • Great For Use On A Variety Of Exterior Surfaces, Including Gel Coat, Fiberglass, Glass, and More
  • Proper Application Provides Up To One Year Of Protection


Regular exposure to sun, moisture, and salt can wear down a boat’s finish over an extended period of time. 303 Marine Graphene Nano Spray Coating provides up to 12 months of protection to combat these harsh effects of marine climates. The specialized graphene oxide formula bonds to a boat’s exterior surface, leaving a powerful shield on the top layer. In addition to safeguarding the exterior surface, the spray also adds a deep, mirror-like finish to make it appear sleek and glossy. More importantly, the spray enhances the look of any unique properties on your boat’s surface. For example, if you have metallic flake in your boat’s gel coat, 303 Marine Graphene Nano Spray Coating will really bring out that shine. If you are concerned about water spots showing up in boats gel coat or glass, worry no more! With the combined properties of hydrophobic protection and surface temperature reduction, hard water spots will be a thing of the past. The dynamic graphene oxide formula contained in 303 Marine Graphene Nano Spray Coating reduces the surface temperature of paint. Doing so ensures that water cannot dry and embed itself into the surface, causing hard water spots. Any water spots that show up will be on top of the coating. Any instances of lingering water droplets are easily wiped away with a microfiber towel or detailer. Last but certainly not least, the product is easy to use -- simply apply with a microfiber applicator, and buff off. It can even be applied in direct sunlight without the worry of streaking or residue.

Additional Information

Step One
Shake well before use. Ensure surface is clean and dry before applying product.

Step Two
Spray onto a microfiber applicator. Apply to the surface in a crisscross pattern to ensure complete coverage.

Step Three
Following application, allow product to cure and haze white, around 5-10 minutes, then buff off with a clean, dry microfiber towel.

Step Four
After buffing, no cure time is needed before being introduced to water.

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