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303 Leather Cleaner (16oz/ 473ml)

303 Leather Cleaner (16oz/ 473ml)

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  • Preps Leather Surface For Conditioner/Protectant
  • Removes Tough Stains With Ease
  • Residue Free
  • Safe For Use On Both Finished and Unfinished Leathers
  • Derived From Natural Components


303 Leather Cleaner is an effective, but gentle cleaner that is great for use on both finished and unfinished leathers. The formula is derived from all-natural components and is pH neutral to make it safe to use without damaging your leather. That does not mean that it sacrifices in cleaning power though. The product removes tough stains with ease and is residue free. This means that the surface is clean and ready for the application of conditioner to soften and protect the surface.

Additional Information

Step One
Shake product well before using.

Step Two
Spray product onto a clean microfiber towel or directly onto leather surface, using a crisscross pattern to ensure that the entire surface is covered.

Step Three
Agitate with a clean microfiber towel, or soft bristled, leather safe brush until dirt and/or stains are removed. Use an additional, clean microfiber towel to remove any excess product.

Step Four
Allow surface to dry. Once dry, follow with 303 Leather Conditioner.

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