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303 Graphene Tire Gloss (18oz)

303 Graphene Tire Gloss (18oz)

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  • High Gloss Shine
  • Long-Lasting Protection
  • Superior UV Protection
  • Lasts up to 3 Months


Keep your tires looking like new with 303 Graphene Tire Gloss. Our long-lasting tire shine dries to an even wet gloss finish. The graphene-infused formula will bond to the rubber of the tires to repel dirt and the elements, for up to 3 months. This bonding also minimizes sling from your tires after applications, so you can drive off without waiting for it to dry. Graphene also offers powerful water repellent properties and UV protection, so your tires are shielded from water spotting and sun damage. The protective coating also counteracts dry rot and cracking, so your tires don't age. The perfect top coat for your tires after using a tire or wheel cleaner, our quick detailer tire coating is the perfect addition to your car cleaning kit or car detailing kit. Once your tires are clean and dry, simply spray onto the tire's surface and wipe off any overspray on your paint or wheels. Any sling or overspray that does occur is easy to wipe off and will actually add protection to your car's paint. Pair with our 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating, 303 Graphene Detailer, or 303 Trim Coating for the ultimate protective shine on your entire car. 303 graphene products are the perfect car accessories to take your car wash to the next level.

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