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303 Black Streak Remover

303 Black Streak Remover

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  • Removes hard-to-clean black streaks and dirt
  • Leaves a clean, streak-free finish
  • Biodegradable and marine safe
  • Great for use on RVs, Campers, Pop-Ups, Motorhomes, and Boats
  • Safe on fiberglass, vinyl, metal, and painted surfaces

303® Black Streak Remover will keep the siding of your RV looking like new by removing unsightly black streaks with ease. These black streaks occur naturally when dirt and rubber material from an RV’s roof come off after miles of traveling at high speeds. The powerful formula in 303® Black Streak Remover pulls this material and dirt from the surface and allows it to be wiped away, leaving a clean, streak-free finish.



Can I use 303® Black Streak Remover on my boat?
Yes, 303® Black Streak Remover is great for use on RV’s, trailers, and boats.

Can I use a wash brush with an extended handle to scrub 303® Black Streak Remover?
Yes, you can use a wash brush with extended handle, to remove light black streaks. However, you may need to use a wash mitt or sponge, to scrub more to remove stubborn black streaks that don’t come off with just a wash brush.

Can I use 303® Black Streak Remover on a rubber roof?
It is safe and will not harm a rubber roof, however, it may not be effective. To clean and protect rubber roofs we recommend using 303® Rubber Roof Cleaner, followed with 303® Aerospace ProtectantOpens a new window.

Additional Information


Shake well before use. Use only on dry surfaces. Spray product directly on black streaks. Allow product to remain on surface for 2-3 minutes. Gently scrub and then wipe off with a wet towel, microfiber, or sponge. For stubborn stains, repeat as needed.

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