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How to dry your car using a microfiber towel

You might be wondering whether a whole article about how to dry your car is a bit extra, but let’s be clear – if you’re a car junky, like us – then tips on keeping that motor gleaming are well worth reading about!

Taking some time for car maintenance is not only rewarding in terms of a sense of achievement but also pays you back over time since it helps preserve the value of your vehicle.

Why do I need to dry my car?

Whilst you may well be a car lover, it’s highly possible that you will have left your car to air dry in the past after giving it a good wash. But drying your car by hand will give it the kind of shine that air drying can never achieve. Air drying your car runs the risk of it being left with watermarks and will attract dust or tiny grit that exists in the air. Yes - you’re adding another step onto the wash job, but it’s one that really pays, and one that you’ll really notice the benefits of.

Does it matter what I use to dry my car with?

The simple answer is yes!

As the title of this article suggests, we recommend using microfiber towels. The beauty of microfiber is in its absorbency and softness. Buffing a shine into the paintwork of a car has never been so easy as it is with a microfiber towel. They are a superior material to use than a regular towel for an assortment of reasons. Car detailers use these cloths as standard, for a reason.

Let’s take a closer look at why they’re an essential purchase for any car lover:

High Absorbency- Microfibre towels can hold up to seven times their weight in water. This means that you can dry your car faster and more efficiently with a microfibre towel than with a regular cotton towel.

Gentle on the Surface – Being ultra soft and gentle on the surface of your car, they do not scratch or damage the paintwork, unlike other materials, such as paper towels or chamois leather. They also don’t grip or withhold surface debris left from washing and are designed to dust away which helps to protect your paint work.

Streak-free finish - Designed to be lint-free, microfiber towels do not leave any streaks or residue on the surface of your car. In fact, they create a gleaming shine with minimal effort!

Reusable - Microfibre towels are washable and reusable, making them an eco-friendly and economic option for drying your car. 

Versatile– Fit for various purposes, including cleaning windows, wiping down the interior, and polishing the exterior makes the microfiber towel a seriously hard working, versatile car tool.

What’s the best method for drying my car?

Following our step by step guide below is a failsafe way to dry and buff your car to perfection!

  1. The best way to prepare your microfiber cloth to do its job effectively, is to wring it through with cold water. Squeeze as much moisture out as possible, and you are ready to start.

  2. Always use fresh, clean water for getting your towel ready and repeatedly rinse in clean water as you go along. This avoids leaving streaks or marks and gives a flawless finish.

  3. Open out the towel out, then pass it over the bodywork of your car systematically, starting from the roof and working down, using an open hand to move it around. This ensures it can dry large areas quickly but effectively.

  4. As you work, the microfiber towel will get damp. Each time this happens, wring it out and check it is still clean. If it becomes too dirty to rinse through, you may want to switch to a fresh towel.

  5. Take your time to pay special attention to the windows. Using a separate, specific microfiber waffle towel will ensure that your windows dry in lightening fast time to eliminate streaks and achieve a spot free shine.

  6. Once you have wiped across the whole of the car’s paintwork a couple of times, and it is as dry as possible, you can either let nature finish it off or take a completely dry microfibre towel and polish the surface some more.

Using any microfiber towel in this way will generally create a good finish. But opting for great quality, quick dry microfiber towel will ensure a superior shine and make your life easier.

A note on scratches and marks

The tiny scratches and marks that ordinary cotton towels or chamois leathers can cause are sometimes invisible to the naked eye. This type of damage to paintwork can accumulate slowly over time which in the long run diminishes the shine and finish.

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