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Graphene Spray For Cars - Your Questions Answered

Graphene sprays can revolutionise your car detailing and maintenance.

303 Graphene Nano Spray is an innovative solution that will enhance your vehicle’s appearance and longevity. For many enthusiasts, the use of graphene sprays is a new innovation so we’ve put together your most frequently asked questions on their use, benefits and application.

What is a graphene spray, and how does it work on cars?

Graphene is a remarkable material known for its strength and versatility. When applied to the surface of your car, a graphene spray forms a thin but highly protective layer that bonds with the paint and other exterior materials.

The layer acts as a shield against various external threats to your car such as UV radiation, water, dirt and minor scuffs. It has unique scratch resistant qualities and provides an eye-catching shine.

A lesser known property of graphene is that it’s a conductor, which assists in removing any static chargers on the surface of your car. This reduces the amount of dust and other particles that would otherwise attach themselves to the paintwork.

What benefits does graphene spray offer to a car's surface?

A graphene spray offers a multitude of benefits when applied to the surface of a car.

Firstly, and for many the most important part, is that it provides a long lasting deep shine that gets noticed. Beyond aesthetics, graphene creates a protective layer that protects your car against all the elements it faces on every journey. This protection guards against paint fading from exposure to UV rays, and causes water to bead up and easily slide off the surface, eliminating the unwanted sight of water spots.

One of the most remarkable benefits of graphene spray is its scratch resistant properties. The graphene particles reinforce the paintwork making it more resilient to minor abrasions that can be easily caused from road debris. Plus, it’s anti static nature will discourage dust and grime attaching to the surface which will keep your car cleaner for longer. It’s a comprehensive solution for maintaining a pristine appearance and adding protection.

Is a graphene spray safe for all types of car paint?

Graphene sprays are formulated to be safe on a wide range of car paint types. This includes clear coats, metallic finishes and traditional paints. However, as with any product you apply to your car it’s advisable to begin cautiously. Apply a compatibility test on a small, relatively unseen area before working on the entire vehicle.

How do you apply graphene spray to my car

We’ve got a more comprehensive guide here.

  1. Ensure your car’s surface is clean and free of dust and dirt
  2. Shake the graphene bottle thoroughly to even disperse the particles
  3. Hold the spray nozzle a few inches away an apply a fine must to a small selection at a time
  4. Immediately spread and buff the spray in circular motions using a clean and dry microfibre towel
  5. Regularly flip the towel to a clean side as you go to avoid redistributing dirt
  6. Repeat spraying, spreading and spraying process to the whole surface of the car
  7. Finish with a final buffing using a fresh microfibre towel for a even finish

Can a graphene spray replace a wax or ceramic coatings?

Whilst a graphene spray offers numerous benefits, it doesn’t replace the role of a high quality wax or ceramic coating. Graphene sprays excel in quick and effortless enhancements and they’re ideal to use as ongoing maintenance between deeper car detailing.

Ceramic coatings and waxes offer more robust and long lasting protection and require less frequent applications. Graphene sprays can extend the benefits of a coating or wax and add additional shine, but should be used in conjunction with other products for comprehensive protection.

Understanding the potential of graphene spray

We hope providing answers to these common questions gives you a better understanding of how a graphene spray fits into everyday car care. It’s a dynamic product that’s easy to use and adds short term enhancements and safeguards. Graphene excels at quick touch ups but at the moment don’t fully replace the longevity of coatings and waxes.

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