Protect your car's interior with 303 Aerospace Protectant

Protect your car's interior with 303 Aerospace Protectant

The interior of your car is a space that can reflect your approach to car care. It's where you likely spend a great deal of time so you want it to be a clean and welcoming environment that you enjoy and keeps you behind the wheel.

The challenge of keeping your car's interior in the best possible condition is that it's constantly exposed to natural factors and dirt that can cause degradation. 

For example, sunlight streaming through the windows on a Summer's day may brighten up your drive, but the UV rays from the sun can cause various parts of your interior (such as dashboards, plastics or leather seats) to fade, crack and generally reduce is quality over time.

This is where 303 Aerospace Protectant comes into play. It's renowned for creating a protective shield and keeps your car looking it's best. 

No matter whether you're a seasoned car enthusiast or someone just looking to keep your vehicle's interior in the best condition, we've created this guide on how 303 Aerospace Protectant can be your go to product.

Why protect your car's interior?

Protecting your car's interior is about more than just appearance, it's an important aspect of vehicle maintenance and maintaining the value of your car. It's an environment that combines various materials such as leather, plastic, vinyl and fabric - all of which are sensitive to wear and tear, sunlight and stains. 

The sun especially is one of the biggest threats and over time can cause significant damage, leading to faded leather, cracked dashboards and brittle plastics. 

Regular use of all surfaces inside your car also leads to general wear and tear. The accumulation of dirt, spills and even just seating on the seats can degrade surfaces. 

Putting even just a small amount of effort into protecting your vehicles interior can mitigate these risks. Keeping it a comfortable, functional and valuable asset for years to come.

What makes 303 Aerospace Protectant a go to product?

We sets 303 Aerospace Protectant apart is it's unapparelled ability to shield against UV rays, which is the leading culprit of long term damage and aging of interior surfaces. Unlike other UV protectants that can temporarily protect, 303 Aerospace Protectant forms a lasting barrier that also repels dust and stains.

It protects and conditions surfaces without leaving a greasy finish or artificial gloss. This ensures your car's interior will retain a natural look and welcoming environment.

How to use 303 Aerospace Protectant

Another key aspect of 303 Aerospace Protectant is it's ease of use. Here a quick guide on using this remarkable protect:

1. Clean the surfaces

Start with a thorough clean of your car's interior, concentrating on the areas where you plan to apply the protectant. It's important the product applied to clean and dry surfaces.

2. Do a spot test

Although the product is proven safe on a variety of materials, it's wise to perform a spot test if you've never used it before. Essentially involves applying it to a small area around the edge to ensure compatibility. 

3. Apply evenly

Spray the product directly onto the surface or onto a microfibre towel to avoid overspray. It's recommended to apply to a towel of cloth first on more intricate areas to better control.

4. Wipe down

Gently wipe the surface to ensure even distribution. Unlike similar products that require buffing, 303 Aerospace Protectant should ideally be applied as a thin layer without excessive rubbing. 

5. Allow to dry

Leave the product to completely dry, which can take 10-15 minutes depending on the temperature in your car. There shouldn't be any need for further buffing or drying. 

Tip: If possible apply the product in a shaded area to prevent it drying out too quickly.

Complement your cleaning routine with other 303 products

Whilst 303 Aerospace Protectant provides an effective shield, incorporating other 303 products into your cleaning routine can provide comprehensive care.

303 Multi-Surface Cleaner

A highly versatile cleaning product that's safe for a wide range of surfaces, including those treated with Aerospace Protectant. Use it for regular cleaning of spills or dust to ensure your interior stays pristine.

303 Fabric Guard

For vehicles with fabrics seats or convertible tops, this product is ideal. It helps repel water and stains without compromising the quality or breathability. 

303 Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Pair this with Aerospace Protectant to clean and protect leather seats. Combine effective cleaner and conditioning with lasting protection from UV damage.

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